An ally that can create added value

An ally that can create added value

When interviewed by Plastiques & Caoutchoucs magazine, Nathalie Seninck, CEO of STTS, underlined the fact that surface treatment innovations open up numerous opportunities regarding the choice of new shapes or new materials which have not yet been used. “Today, technologies can address 95-98% of adhesion issues, regardless of the material or the profile of the part. Some people believe that surface treatment is still very complicated, but in fact it’s a solution that can be totally integrated into the production process, thereby opening up new prospects and creating added value!”, she confirms.


To stand out from their competitors, plastic parts manufacturers are taking a growing interest in the finishing and decoration stages. As such, they can generate added value, both aesthetically and functionally. Manufacturers have the choice to integrate surface treatment procedures into their production process or to outsource them.

To make their decision, several criteria need to be taken into account, such as the volumes of a production run, its recurrence and the speeds required. “At STTS, our integrations tend to involve large-scale production lines or workshops belonging to decoration specialists”, explains Nathalie Seninck, CEO of STTS. “For small production runs, for example, the customer tends to place more emphasis on a flexible production line in order to handle several runs to fulfil various requirements. In this case, we generally guide them towards Corona discharge or cold plasma treatment systems. With Corona technology, for example, we offer several alternatives in terms of treatment stations.”

The application determines the solution

The French magazine Plastilien puts STTS in the spotlight in its edition on the Plastics and Composites Forum! The article highlights the family-run and innovative nature of our company “which designs and develops complete, custom-made technical solutions according to its customers’ needs and the intended applications. CORONA, PLASMA and FLAME TREATMENT systems: STTS covers the whole spectrum of surface treatment. The company offers a highly pragmatic approach and emphasises that there is not just one technique to address a specific problem, but a whole range of possibilities for each customer’s needs.”

Nathalie Seninck, CEO of STTS and member of the Allizé Plasturgie Lorraine alliance, points out in this connection that “while it is essential to integrate our customers’ technical and cost requirements in advance, it’s always the application that determines the most suitable technical solution.”